Me as a Learning Engineer


I am Carolina Ali, I was proudly born and raised in Mexico, and I've been passionate about Learning Design, Education, and Human Development for the last ten years.

Currently, I have a particular interest in designing learning experiences for early childhood, families, and STEM education in informal learning settings. I am committed to educational equity and quality through the design of highly-effective, culturally responsive, and innovative learning experiences for all.

How can we expect to raise the next generation of leaders and changemakers that our planet and societies need if perpetual inequalities in traditional education settings?

As I forge my education consulting and design career, such a question haunts me. My goal is to improve the quality of education by designing and implementing innovative learning experiences for all and supported by research. I am currently studying the Master of Arts in Learning Engineering at the Graduate Lynch School of Education of Boston College. I am in the throes of learning more meaningful educational and development opportunities, especially for minorities, through culturally responsive practices. My work requires systems thinking skills, the support of research, technology, and best practices that acknowledge the concrete needs, barriers, and opportunities that each diverse and unique context gives.

I am building an identity as a Learning Engineer, embracing the complexity of designing educational and learning experiences and enjoying the process of becoming.

I have always known education was messy, complex, and challenging to tackle. Still, even though this approach doesn't take off its complexity, it embraces it and names it the way it is… involving need analysis, research, ideation, refinement, iteration, testing & prototyping… while years of education were static. Changes were so hard to implement but harder to make! The Learning Engineering framework brings a more feasible outlook on this messiness. It works in teams to design and redesign education as a complex and iterative process… preparation for future learning enhancing an R&D culture.

"Today’s evolving world calls for learning engineers who can help nonprofits, companies, schools, and governments design engaging, accessible learning experiences that draw on the most current learning technologies and pedagogies."

I am always learning!

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