Interests and Aspirations

My Mission:

Design learning experiences that allow children to be engaged and enjoy learning, building dispositions towards beings and agents of constructing a more sustainable, creative, equitable, and peaceful world. Build learning products and experiences that help learners enhance their confidence, recognize their strengths, and inspire them to become agents of change in their communities and, therefore, the world.

My North Star will always be my passion for education. Mainly because of how I see the role that education plays in giving people the tools/ or discovering new pathways to imagine/be the best version of themselves and have better opportunities for the future.

I am interested in designing projects related to K-12 professional development, family education, early childhood, and STEM identity and values. I would enjoy learning more about this passion and how technology can play in maximizing these relationships holistically.

I confirmed my interest in informal education by working on the sustainability workshop, telling science, empathy stories, and telling science projects. Through the work on the last three projects, I strengthen my passion for helping young children develop identities and positive dispositions toward learning to build lifelong learners & creative problem-solvers through STEM, art, or socio-emotional learning. I realized the critical role that parents and significant caregivers can play in fostering learning, identities, and passions, particularly in early childhood education.

I am looking forward to working with organizations such as NGOs, research and design labs, museums or Edtech companies, designing engaging learning experiences informed by literature and research. To create learning products or experiences that allow all learners to thrive while acknowledging their social, cognitive, or cultural backgrounds. Moreover, I would like to work in a role where I'm involved in several projects, applying the design process and expanding my learning about my practice and expertise through collaboration.

Other aspirations include:

  • Learning and generating knowledge with research-based practice. Publishing articles and sharing them with other practitioners related to the design and implementation of learning experiences for young learners.

  • Working with large-scale programs and projects and an external consultant introducing a culture of R&D and design to educational policy and programs but also to particular tailored made learning experiences for a variety of learners

  • As I was born and raised in Mexico, I am particularly interested in projects that value and recognize learners from multiple cultures and backgrounds commonly underrepresented and enhance their identity building, especially in the Latinx community.

Overview of interests (which I believed can be connected in multiple ways!)

  • Learner-center experience or product design assisted with technologies (LX)

  • Early childhood education experience/program design

  • Family education and engagement

  • Informal STEM Education

  • Identity building

  • Arts integration and Socio-emotional learning

  • Playful/ Game-based Learning Design

  • Research based Design

  • International Development through Education

  • Helping organizations build their theories of change, think systematically and situate their projects in an interactive system